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Description:   This project is established to provide students in science and technology fields many kinds of necessary materials for learning and researching. It includes sourcecode (or exercise) of programs in C++, Pascal, Fortran, Matlab, Mathematical, Visual Studio

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Linux Brochure Project The Linux Brochure Project (LBP) documents essential Linux information on the two sides of a single letter- or A4-sized sheet of paper which is Z- or C-folded into six mini-pages of a brochure that LUGs and other Linux organizations can use for publi

Linux kernel dump project The purpose of this project is developing dump facility of Linux. In this project, we mainly develop diskdump function, which is a poll-based crash dump for Linux kernel, and offer kernel patch and utils for diskdump.

LinuxCertification Documentation Project This project provides a repository of teaching and study materials to assist LPI Certification candidates to prepare for exams. Included are study notes, exercises, slides for overheads, practice questions and practice tests.

MLTP project This is a MultiLingual Text Processing (MLTP) project, mainly used for data preparation of text mining. It supports the language types of Chinese, Japanese, Korea and English.

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The Towers of Hanoi This project collects the classical "Towers of Hanoi" problem in many programming languages, including lesser known and/or esoteric ones.

Hanoi Workflow Engine Hanoi Workflow Engine is workflow engine based on Java and J2EE technology. It strives to be a complete workflow-solution usable for many purposes and domains.

Hanzi Helper - Chinese study aid Hanzi Helper is a Java application that helps you practice your Chinese or Japanese characters by keeping a list of the ones you know and creating and printing sheets for practicing them and testing yourself. See the home page for more information.

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